Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week 3 Weigh In

A little late...

2 more pounds down for a total of 9 pounds in 3 weeks.  Down to 267, and that was with my "cheats" in Sesame Place.  Hopefully an even better report Monday.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Product Reviews

Over these couple of weeks I have been trying desperately to find some products that will give me flexibility in cooking and eating.  I figured I would give some "reviews" of some of the things I have found.

Earth Balance Soy Free Buttery Spread

With this "butter" I feel like I am eating the real thing.  I have found with non-dairy products, almost all of them use soy to replace the milk they take out.  This soy free spread does the trick.  I have cooked with it, I have spread it on my rice bread, put it on veggies and I have no complaints!  I wish they would make more products...

Rice Vegan Cheese Slices - Cheddar

I was so excited to find a dairy free, soy free cheese.  I went to Whole Foods to find another brand I found on the web, and when they didn't have it, I was disappointed til I found this.  Unfortunately when I got it home I was still disappointed.  The taste isn't bad...I actually think it is better than regular fat free cheese (which isn't really hard to do).  But right on the package it says "made for melting" and nothing could be further from the truth.  When I put it on my burger it wrinkled up and started to harden on the edges, and nothing happened in the middle.  Melting it did not do.  I also tried putting it in my scrambled eggs one morning.  It still didn't melt well, but it was better than when  I tried it on the grill.  It also has an "off" taste to it, not like cheddar.  I will continue to use it until the package is done, but I don't intend on buying it again.

Rice Vegan Cheese Slices - Mozzarella

This is the same product as above, but different flavor and what a difference! This cheese tastes close to mozzarella, melts well, and is even "stringy" like real mozzarella.  I also had this on a burger and it was a big difference from the cheddar.  Yummy and melty. :)  Next I have to try the American.

I will continue this over the next few days...this is fun :)  If you follow a similar lifestyle and have some good products to recommend, I am all ears!

Happy Birthday

My birthday was last Wednesday, and with that brought the debate in my head "To have "real" cake or to stay on course?"  A friend of mine had a birthday party a couple of years ago and the cake was really good, when we asked about it she told me it was a gluten free, dairy free cake.  So off I go to Whole Foods.

Well I was disappointed because the bakery had nothing of the sort, so I am guessing it is something you need to order ahead of time.  The baker took me to the frozen area and showed me the "cakes" there - definitely not what I would call birthday cakes.  So I was getting frustrated, I decided to do the rest of my shopping, and was thinking I was going to have my regular ol ice cream cake and forget about it.

As I was walking around I came across Pamela's Classic Vanilla Cake Mix and Cherrybrook Kitchen Vanilla Frosting Mix . So I decided to try my hand at making my own birthday cake.  Not my first choice, but probably the best choice in my situation.

Review:  I liked the was a little dense, but I am finding that all gluten free baked goods have a similar dense quality.  I also think it needs some kind on frosting or topping, because I don't think I would have liked it plain.  The frosting on the other hand was a different story.  It was way too sweet/oily/buttery.  It was almost all confectioners sugar and you could tell it.  I don't think I would get it again.  It was ok in small amounts so I didn't have to eat the cake plain, but I couldn't take much more.

Here it is:

Week 2 Weigh In

I lost another 3 pounds for a total of 7 pounds in 2 weeks...269 from 276...I'll take it.  I think I was expecting more of a loss each week, but I have to remind myself that this isn't bad at all!  I really have to get into some kind of exercise though...that's the next hurdle.


This is exactly why I hesitated in starting a blog.  I am always so bad in keeping up with journals of any kind.  I am sorry!  I will be home most of the day tomorrow and I plan on catching up...promise to do better :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Family Night

Well all, today was a challenge.  It was more a challenge in time than food, but one affected the other.  I woke up late, which isn't much of a big deal, except that now since I can't eat 30 min before or 2 hours after eating, it affects meals, and water intake, which is honestly a pain in the rear.  There is definitely a domino effect...I didn't get my powdered supplement in, because it goes in my water, which I didn't get all in.

Then we had company and because of the way my water was, I couldn't eat before they got there, and therefore couldn't eat until after they left, which resulted in a hungry Michelle and dinner after 10 pm.  Because of the late dinner I would have had to wait until almost 1 am to finish my water/supplements, and that just wasn't happening, I was pooped!

The other thing I am coming to hate is that powdered supplement itself.  I don't like the way it tastes and no matter how much water I use and no matter how much I stir it, the last sip always has a nasty, vitamin tasting residue that literally makes me gag.  After some internet research I have found out that the same exact thing comes in a pill form rather than a powder, so I will be emailing my doc to find out if I can replace it.

Without further ado....

Watermelon (was STARVING before lunch, wasn't enough)

4 slices rice/almond bread with butter substitute
Hummus with Terra chips

Chicken breast with fresh salsa
Hot dog with mustard


Monday, August 2, 2010

Semi Normal Day

Today was the first day that I felt like I wasn't scrambling.  I felt like I had somewhat of a plan, and I was able to actually follow through.  I got all my water in for the first time (yay!) and I took my supplements.  I had 3 meals (for lack of a better term) and a snack.

I am hoping to get to WF soon to make some purchases, and I am trying a new recipe for the 1st time tomorrow.  I am looking forward to something other than a salad or grilled chicken.  This whole dinner thing is still stymieing me.  Tonight it was macaroni and cheese for Connor, chicken casserole with rice for my dad, and grilled chicken with tomato/cucumber salad for me. Takes too much time and makes too many dishes!


Salad with tuna and seeds (sunflower, sesame and pumpkin - all raw)
"Safe" french dressing
Hummus and cucumber

Grilled chicken
Tomato and Cucumber salad

Rice Krispies with rice milk